Corporate Culture

At Shwinco, we believe in a central set of principles that are a part of our culture and ideals. These principles keep us focused on achieving the best possible results for our company and our customers.

We take great pride in our superior quality of work. Everything from the engineering of a project to the precise costs of the product are planned to the most minute detail.

We promise that every product we manufacture will perform to our highest above-code standards and that you can confidently rely on all deliveries to be on time.

Our company only works efficiently if every team member has the character and sincerity that supports our world-class company.

Windows and doors are highly complex objects with engineered and chemical components. Manufacturing and constructing them with world-class precision requires a facility which remains dust and pollution-free. Maintaining the cleanest manufacturing operations are vital to our success and sets us apart from others in the industry.

It’s no secret we stand by our product, but we also stand behind our customers. We are extremely loyal to our customers and dealers and to make the sale and installation of our products as easy and mutually profitable as possible.

Here at Shwinco, we set goals and try to surpass them, to create an ongoing cycle of achievement. Each month, we establish target objectives for everyone in the company and work together to surpass them before facing the next challenge.